Resources for Photographers
I am trying to collect links that might be useful to photographers. If you have any suggestions (or find any broken links) please e-mail me at
Architecture Photography If you live in an area with interesting architecture, like tall skyscrapers, taking photos of these structures can be a very rewarding exercise. We've been taking photos of high-rise buildings all over America for the last 10 years and still get just as excited when we get that perfect building shot from the perfect angle.
B&W Magazine For collectors of fine photography.
Nikonians Nikon users group Good articles, get your photos reviewed.
Steve's DigiCams News and reviews
Virtual Photography Learning Guide Hailey from the Kellytown Artists suggested this link for beginning photographers.
Bostick and Sullivan Alternative processes.
Jobo Darkroom equipment and digital imaging.
Kigamo Scanning backs
Lexar Media Makers of digital camera memory cards and readers.
Mustek Scanners, digital cameras, LCD projectors.
Quantum Instruments, Inc. Flash, power packs, etc.
Charles Cramer Prints and workshops.
Digital Outback Photo Uwe and Bettina Steinmueller's excellent site on digital photography. Prints, reviews, articles, and workshops.
Kim Weston Edward Weston's grandson. Prints and workshops.
Lloyd Erlick B&W portrait photographer. Lots of good technical articles.
Mountain Light Photography Galen Rowell's web site. Stock images, prints and workshops.
Tom Millea Platinum/palladium prints, workshops.
William Giles Extraordinary Black and White Photographer
Best Buy's Lens Buying Guide This site was recommended to me by a young photography enthusiast named Kelsey. Thanks, Kelsey.
Dan Burkholder Photographer Dan does platinum printing with negatives he makes on his inkjet printer.
Digital Truth Photo Source Home of "The world's largest film development chart."
Fashion Photography Tips for Beginners Fashion photography can be a lucrative career for the right individual. Although fashion photography is prominently displayed in magazines, advertising, and catalogs, it can be a difficult industry to enter. Working in fashion photography takes skill, dedication, and a lot of hard work. It is a fast-paced industry that constantly evolves with the never-ending changes in fashion trends. For a person who wishes to enter the world of fashion photography, it’s helpful to learn a few tips before trying to break into the field.
Guide for Beginner Photographers: 50+ Tips and Resources A young photographer named Lauren found this photography guide that I was very impressed with. I loved that it not only included discounts for photography classes and supplies, but the 'Basic Photography Terminology' and the 'Brief History of the Camera' sections were excellent learning tools!
KYPhoto Classic Camera Information
My Dear Drone General info on drones. Uses, laws, education, accessories, etc.
PhotoDo Lens evaluations
Russell Brown Adobe PhotoShop "Big Kahuna"
Light Impressions Archival matting, framing, and storage supplies.
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